Canal Corridor Timeline

Canal Corridor Timeline

May 3

City Council CCN Development Brief

“The Council intends to progress the development of the area in a way which maximises the involvement of local people and which reflects local concerns as much as possible. This could mean involving local residents in the nature and detailed design of proposed improvements and hopefully engendering a sense of..Read More
November 3

Community Group Consultation

A consultation by community group ‘Real Planning for Lancaster‘ gathered the wishes of local people for the area and identified that there was a desire for a cultural centre with small, independent shops and some affordable housing. Real Planning for Lancaster (RPfL) was formed by a group of local people in..Read More
June 6

Centros Miller “secure Debenhams”

Centros announced that “Subject to contract, Debenhams will take a 105,000 sq ft (9,750 sq m) three-level store in the scheme and commit to a 25-year lease. It will be one of the largest Debenhams stores in the North West – big enough to stock its full range offashion and household..Read More
February 22

Alternative Green Plan

An alternative Plan, developed after consultation by the Green Party, proposed more green space, more housing, youth facilities, offices and workshops and less retailing and a smaller car park. The plan was attacked by Lancaster City Council’s Labour Group who claimed that Centros Miller’s massive retail development proposal was essential..Read More
December 22

Centros scheme rejected after Public Inquiry

Developer Centros withdrew from the inquiry in March 2009. to avoid potential costs of up to £1 million. On 24th June, Lancaster City Council announced that it would not take “any further active part in the inquiry”. In a statment the council said: “Through no fault of its own the City Council..Read More
March 1

Centros – revised plans

Centros – revised plans
Revised plans were proposed by Centros in March 2012 but they were never submitted as a Planning Application.  There was still significant community resistance and the global economic situation remained fragile with poor returns on retail investments. The revised scheme comprised: · An open pedestrian shopping street leading from Stonewell..Read More
April 3

University as partner 2017

Lancaster University came on board as a partner, citing their desire to develop an area of the city that would provide an attractive lifestyle option for students moving to the area.  The University, as a funding partner, had significant influence in the development of plans, but still there was no..Read More
April 3

March 2018

Outline plans were revealed for a development including: a retail/food and beverage development with some 250,000 sq ft of high street comparison retail floorspace and 70,000 sq ft of food and drink retail incorporating one anchor (high street comparison retail) store; an 82 bedroom hotel; a new student village of..Read More