The canal quarter could be a great space for community enterprise.  Lancaster is a place that is full of great community and voluntary initiatives, many of which need some investment and space to flourish.

Edinburgh has a Remakery.  The Remakery is a space for making or upcycling things from waste materials.  It is open to local residents as well as artists, makers and businesses.  It is a space for making, showcasing and selling.  It helps to remove items from landfill as well as offering people the chance to develop skills or begin unique businesses.  It is a space to bring people together in a self-supporting common endeavour.  Do you think Lancaster could support a Remakery?

What about a community kitchen?  Many community groups are involved with growing food, healthy food, and intercepting waste food.  Some groups are involved with providing affordable food to people who need it.  Most of these groups struggle to find adequate storage space and kitchen space.  A community kitchen could provide a base for receiving locally grown food and for cooking up and storing food.  Food could be processed into meals that are supplied to a range of outlets – including affordable meals sold via community centres, food clubs and pop-up cafes.  A community kitchen could service a front-end café too.  Do you think Lancaster would benefit from a community kitchen?